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Official Deployments

You can run AiiDAlab yourself, however we also maintain a few official cloud-backed deployments.


We kindly ask you to cite the following publication if you use AiiDAlab:

A. V. Yakutovich et al., Comp. Mat. Sci. 188, 110165 (2021).


Why does the public demonstrator require an EGI account and enrollment?
Providing this service comes at substantial cost. Requiring the login via EGI allows us to protect against service abuse like crypto-mining.
How can I get access to the Materials Cloud deployments?
These deployments are restricted to members of organizations affiliated with the Materials Cloud partners. If you are one of these members, please contact and request access.
I am not eligible for any of these deployments, how can I use AiiDAlab?
The easiest would be to simply run it yourself! Please see here for instructions on how to run AiiDAlab yourself.
Please message us at for any other questions.